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Today I am joining the local gym! It's a self-serve type place, just small but perfect for this little town. With the weather being so unpredictable and then when it's been nice, the kids were sick, I decided that I'll pay my $40 and go at my convenience.

I'm feeling decidedly weak and out of shape and a few pounds have crept on making my size ten jeans tight again.

I've decide to use the Body For Life Workout. It's intense, short and easy to follow. For years I followed Body for Life and it worked well and kept me fit for a long time.

I'll also run on the treadmill because I'm simply not getting out there now!

The best thing about this gym is that it's open 24 hours so I can go any time. No excuses now!

Does anyone have any favourite exercises, gym tips etc.? I'll be mostly on my own so any tips for a new weight trainer would be fantastic!

Affirmation: Hard work becomes easy to perform when you stop making excuses for not doing it! I will do the work!

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5 Responses
  1. Lauren Says:

    Awards at Lauren's! Come check it out!

  2. I started about 3 weeks ago..I feel great, but MAN am I sore!! Keep it up!

  3. Matt Metzgar Says:

    Good luck with the gym. You might want to check out MovNat:
    for some other ideas once the weather gets nice. It looks at exercise and movement from more of a natural perspective.

  4. WoLong Says:

    Why treadmill? I live in Ottawa, and I run/walk outside all the time. Face the elements and have fun!

    For weights, just keep things simple, a few big moves (press, squat, pullups) are all you need.

  5. Breeze Says:

    Because I hate inclement weather...