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multi-grain pita pizza loaded with veggies, Parmesan cheese, garden salad and steamed broccoli and butter!

Today I weighed. Yes, for the first time in years I've been getting weighed. I asked the lady at the gym to record my weight loss, not my actual weight for me as I follow the belly fat cure. It will be two weeks tomorrow since I reduced my sugar intake to less than 15g per day. As of this morning I was down 6.4 lbs in 12 days. I'm very surprised. I feel like I'm eating huge helpings of very satisfying and healthy meals.

It took a little while to get the idea that I can have whole-fat foods, high fat and tasty cheese along with delicious vegetables and fruits. My dinner was so delicious the other day I took a picture!

I'm also treating myself to a little chocolate and red wine every day. I am not deprived. The first week I worked out every day, this week not at all because I've been so busy. I will walk on a treadmill at the gym tomorrow.

I like not writing things down, not counting calories, not weighing or measuring anything and eating real food, not prepackaged stuff. I also found some stevia sweetened drinks for a treat occasionally.

It's been remarkably easy and the cravings for sugary treats seem to have disappeared at least for now. I guess the test is the staying power. Will I be able to do this long term. The interesting thing is that I have no desire to end this way of eating. There is no hunger, craving or other reason to do so. I wonder how long it will go before I hit a plateau, that will be the true test of this "cure."

Anyway..I'll keep you all posted after my weekly weigh-ins!

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Carolyn Chaffey

I had a great day, and an odd day. I started with my 3 egg omelet with the handful of veggies as usual. It was more brunch than breakfast today because I slept late.

Then I snacked on whole wheat crackers/cheese and a handful of cashews.

I've not been hungry. I am not craving sugar. I've been very careful and my sugar intake for the day is about 2g and that's entirely from vegetables. This is good.

What's odd is how I'm not craving snacks. No hunger pangs between meals whatsoever. Nothing. Do carbohydrates make you hungry? No, that's not quite the right question. Does sugar make you hungry? Does it make you crave more food? That's the premise of the plan, that sugars spike your insulin and it's the insulin that causes the cravings and hunger. Cut out the sugar, problem solved. It's interesting for sure.

Here's another interesting thing. I am a day or two away from my period. This is the time when I generally go all carbaholic but so far, nothing. It's not here yet and who knows if this is a diet related thing but so far I'm pretty well balanced considering.

So here is what my day looks like foodwise.

Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with bit of milk, handful of veggies, generous sprinkle of romano cheese, coffee and then green tea.

Snack/lunch: 8 WW crackers with mozzarella cheese and handful of cashews

Dinner: Black bean veggie burger(no bun)with guacamole, cheese, salsa and sour cream, salad with Italian dressing and steamed broccoli

Snacks: nuts/cheese/popcorn(not all of them, just whatever strikes my fancy.

It does not look like a lot of food. I'm not sure of the calorie count but with guacamole/olive oil etc. I'm sure it's not particularly low.

I'm curious to know if I can sustain this...that's the most important thing.

I've gone to the gym as well(every day this week for minimum 30mins) and I've chopped all my veggies for the next couple of days.

Here is the Black Bean Burger recipe and I highly recommend it. I keep some frozen at all times. It's fantastic! I substitute the bread crumbs with ww cracker crumbs(less sugar) and I chopped the veggies today(food processor broke) and I found they were not as moist so I needed fewer crumbs. They'd be easy to make gluten-free.

Is anyone else giving the Belly Fat Cure a go? I'd love to hear from you! Oh and check out this blog.

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Carolyn Chaffey

I have been interested in the theory behind The Belly Fat Cure. I've come to the conclusion that I agree with Jorge Cruise. I don't like it but the fact is. We eat too much sugar. And I'm not just talking about refined sugar, but sugar in general. We simply eat too much. End of story.

The idea behind this program is to limit your sugar intake(all sugars, not just refined) to below 15g per day and your healthy carbohydrates(breads/grains/potatoes) to 6 servings. I was just talking to a friend whose sugars were high this morning. She had a very sensible breakfast, most would think, including her doctor. Oatmeal with splenda and milk, an orange, cup of tea. Sounds reasonable right? Very sensible.

However, the orange itself has 9 g of sugar and if there was milk in the oatmeal, even more sugar. And they are learning that sweeteners cause a spike in insulin even without the calories so right there, we have more than half the recommended daily consumption of sugar.

I had a different breakfast. I ate 3 eggs with a tiny bit of milk, salt and pepper. I fried it in some extra virgin olive oil with a large handful of veggies(broccoli, mushrooms, green onion, peppers, etc.all dry, all prepared before hand) and I sprinkled it generously with grated Romano cheese. This was very filling, less than 1g of sugar(from the milk) and super healthy and easy.

Lunch for me will be a salad with lettuce(already torn), another handful of the same veggies, some more shredded cheese(maybe a different kind)a oily dressing(no sugar) and I'll drink two cups of green tea.

Dinner will be a vegetarian Shepherd's pie made with veggies(carrots, onions, cabbage, lentils, etc.) covered with mashed potatoes and baked. I'll have this served on top of the same salad. Still 0 sugar, carbohydrate in the potatoes and lentils.

Snacks will be cheese and whole wheat crackers/microwave popcorn/handful of nuts..still no sugar.

At some point I'll have a small glass of red wine and some dark 85% chocolate. (2g sugar)

I've eaten this way for 5 days now. Those who know me know I don't weigh myself so I can't report weight loss. I can report looser pants, zero sugar cravings and increased energy.

This is MY plan. I am vegetarian..make your own shepherds pie long as it's low in sugars. Meat has no sugar.

So I think I'm on the same page with this guy. I'm still debating whether it's a diet or not. It has some of the qualities that identify it as a diet but he calls the meal plans a guide. He says they can be personalize and he doesn't do the no-carb preaching that drives me insane. Good carbs in moderation are necessary for health and he agrees.

I agree with Jorge Cruise on one thing. I believe sugar is the problem. I believe that we crave the food we crave because we are fat, that we are not fat because we craved them. The more fat you have on your body the more difficult it is to give up the food we crave because our fat cells crave it.

He doesn't call this a diet. He calls it a cure. I won't disagree with his right to do so. He recommends not using the traditional sugar substitutes as they spike insulin levels just as sugar does thus leading to the cravings yet again. He recommends xyletol and stevia instead. I'm not sure where I stand on this. I wary about anything new so I'll investigate that further.

So here I am, kinda following the program, yet not really. I'm test the theory however I won't be doing anything beyond limiting sugar intake and carbohydrate intake. I will not follow the three meals a day, 2 snacks etc. but rather following my body's instinct as to what I will eat and when I will eat it.

I also won't be purchasing a lot of the products he recommends beyond what I already use.

I am now on day 4 and the cravings have stopped because the first three days are very difficult on a sugar purge. The reason I'm following it my way is because my goal is health rather than weight loss so I am unconcerned about the results at the scale.

I am concerned about how I feel so my diet has returned to one rich in natural whole foods, sugar lower than 15g per day and whole rich carbohydrates.

Anyone who decides to follow along is welcome to. I'm hoping to update daily, post my recipes etc.

If you need more structure the book does lay out some pretty set guidelines and I won't recommend against its purchase simply because it has enough redeeming qualities to make up for the "meal plans." I believe the science is strong and I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. This is the closest I've come to recommending a "weight loss program" in a while.

But, remember, nothing works unless you've worked on your mind. You can change the way you eat but if your stubborn mind brings you back to the cakes and cookies because your eating is disordered then you will revolt against the change required for your health.

Keep the hypnosis, EFT and whatever support you need for your mind. And when you are ready check out the belly fat cure. See if it works for you. And please, check out the link below.

And keep exercising. Weight loss can be achieved without it but optimal health cannot.

Here is a video that might motivate you to give this a try.


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Carolyn Chaffey

I spend a lot of time reviewing programs online about weight loss and most of them I ignore.

This program, The Belly Fat Cure, has intrigued me. I believe in the actual premise of it though as usual it does nothing to help those of us who have disordered eating however the more I see the more I agree that what he's promoting is a healthy way of eating that probably would help us get rid of the belly fat.

I've also been looking into the "belly fat" idea because I didn't believe that you could lose weight in "spots" like the belly. But when I researched what I discovered is that the belly fat that they talk about is not the inch(or 5) that you can pinch but fat behind the rib cage and muscles of the abdomen surrounding the organs. This is the fat that is not good for health and this is the fat that makes your belly potrude even if you don't have an inch to pinch and is dangerous to health.

I am on a mission now to remove the sugar from my diet that always creeps in at Christmas and remove the few pounds I gained and the first thing I do is remove sugar from my diet.

I won't be purchasing the book but I may borrow it from the library and review it here at some point. It has some interesting science inside that I would like to explore further as well.

I do think that removing sugar from the diet is ideal for health, particularly the refined stuff but he goes further and limits all sugar to 15g per day.

If anyone has read his book I would like your feedback on it.

Meanwhile here is a video from Cruise's webite for you to view.

Belly Fat Cure Website and Video

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