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multi-grain pita pizza loaded with veggies, Parmesan cheese, garden salad and steamed broccoli and butter!

Today I weighed. Yes, for the first time in years I've been getting weighed. I asked the lady at the gym to record my weight loss, not my actual weight for me as I follow the belly fat cure. It will be two weeks tomorrow since I reduced my sugar intake to less than 15g per day. As of this morning I was down 6.4 lbs in 12 days. I'm very surprised. I feel like I'm eating huge helpings of very satisfying and healthy meals.

It took a little while to get the idea that I can have whole-fat foods, high fat and tasty cheese along with delicious vegetables and fruits. My dinner was so delicious the other day I took a picture!

I'm also treating myself to a little chocolate and red wine every day. I am not deprived. The first week I worked out every day, this week not at all because I've been so busy. I will walk on a treadmill at the gym tomorrow.

I like not writing things down, not counting calories, not weighing or measuring anything and eating real food, not prepackaged stuff. I also found some stevia sweetened drinks for a treat occasionally.

It's been remarkably easy and the cravings for sugary treats seem to have disappeared at least for now. I guess the test is the staying power. Will I be able to do this long term. The interesting thing is that I have no desire to end this way of eating. There is no hunger, craving or other reason to do so. I wonder how long it will go before I hit a plateau, that will be the true test of this "cure."

Anyway..I'll keep you all posted after my weekly weigh-ins!

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  1. Heidi Says:

    I have been following the Belly Fat Cure for about a month now. I have been most surprised by how well my cravings have been controlled . . . I almost didn't think that would ever be possible.

    If you would like to follow my progress, I'm at

    I try to update my diet status on Friday.

    Love your blog, I've added it to my blogroll.