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This question was asked of me a few days ago. It took me a moment to answer because, it's so far off my radar. How normal it's become to eat this way. I just don't eat sugar of any kind except for a bit of hot chocolate and the occasional glass of red wine. I noticed today that my belt..which I was so excited to buckle in the fifth and final actually about two inches past that point.

Things have been so incredibly positive in my life lately and the lesson I've learned is that, you don't lose weight to be happy but that the opposite is true. I'm writing, I've published my first book and the second is due out in August. I'm working on a second novel, I've outlined a third. I have become involved as a leader on a huge women's personal growth website that is being launched in the next few weeks and the television reporter thing is going well.

Oh and I'm producing and co-hosting a radio show for artists that will be launched.

I've got a healthy and happy family and my inlaws are visiting. Now I know what you are thinking but that's a good thing. My father in law painted the entire main floor of the house that I would have had to finish and mother in law is taking over the spring cleaning..which means I have time to do all these wonderful things that are being sent to me.

Oh and I scored financing for a refrigerator for my kids' school's nutrition program!

I've had to give up a few things to make time for it all but letting go is a part of life. When things are done, they are.

Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure I've lost more weight. I don't step on scales so I don't know. I feel great and my size ten jeans more size down and I will fit all my current clothes and that should be around 35 lbs(guessing).

Happy days everybody!

Remember this affirmation: Happiness brings success, not the other way around!

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2 Responses
  1. That's so awesome! Love that affirmation too.. I'm going to print it out & tape it to my desk above my monitor :)

    My DH & I have just made a pact together to lose at least 10kg before christmas.. with nearly 8months, I figure we can do that and then some. Sugar is going to be my weakness though!!

  2. Lia Mack Says:

    ok, how on EARTH did you get in-laws who do house work AND clean?!?! This is not normal ;)

    I agree - be happy, eat well, and the rest will fall into place, aka: the weight will fall!

    Enjoy your successes!