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Learning to accept and enjoy where you are at right now is invaluable to your journey towards healthy eating attitudes.

I've been doing really well in this area. It's difficult. You work hard and you've lost 20, 30, 40 pounds and you catch sight of yourself in the mirror and see exactly the same thing you did at the start, maybe a slimmer version but the same flaws, the same stretchmarks, the same belly flab, it's all the same but smaller.

Accepting that in this moment this is the body you have is paramount to moving forward. Many people give up in these moments, telling themselves that it doesn't matter, you'll never be where you want to be or the journey is too long and hard. But it is at this point you need to make peace with your body. It's OK to take a break from whatever you've been doing and coast along, being happy with the way you look and feel, freeing yourself from the desire to be elsewhere. The next moment always follows this moment and moving forward can only be done from this moment.

Spending time in acceptance and peace with your own body will go a long way towards removing the stress of the moment and defeating the eating habits that follow many of us when we are faced with stress. This is the moment we are often led into drastic measures such as crazy diets that harm us and take away from our newly found way towards optimal health.

Journal your feelings, feel them as valid and true for you and then go forward with a knowing that you are perfect for this moment and in this moment. Our bodies will change one way or the other with time and you can make the decision to carry on with the healthy mind and healthy habits that are leading towards your future goal. You and you alone inhabit the body so learn to love it for all its miracles and all its flaws and you'll have success.

Affirmation: My body is exactly as it should be in the moment. Perfect and strong.

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  1. I love that affirmation =) You have given me an idea for a new hypnosis CD. I think I'll starting working on a body image script. Thank you!

    Could I use that affirmation in it?