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Goodness I've neglected you all for so long! Just an 6 weeks I'm down 13.6 lbs! I have not been exercising enough..the difference is only that I've cut my sugar down to 15g or less a day.

I feel GREAT! I feel like I could do this forever.

Today I had a 3egg omelette for breakfast with sliced mushrooms, onion, and then some romano cheese and I didn't get hungry again until 3pm. For dinner I had a potato-lentil soup and I had a piece of dark chocolate and 8 crackers and old cheddar cheese for lunch. I KNOW I ate something else but can't remember what it was.

I just don't get hungry like I used to. And I don't feel deprived. I had my book launch party which included a huge cake and someone brought me a piece. I sampled it and it wasn't all that appetizing though I did sample some frosting later on!

I didn't have any health problems prior to this but I feel so level, so balanced that it has to be something affecting my hormones, keeping me from rising and falling.

Usually it was around the 6 week mark I'd start to slip on any diet I attempted. Today i was shocked to find it was the 6th week and I'd lost 2.6 lbs this week. So on I go, hopefully to carry on this way forever until I'm at a weight that is healthy.

One thing I can't say is if this is working because I'm ready for it or if it is physiological but it's certainly going well.


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2 Responses
  1. You are doing great!! I always wonder about your last question too. I think I was just really ready for this solution!

  2. Go YOU! I'm at the six week mark on the belly fat cure, too. And I'm down 15. I know what you mean about not being so hungry. I can't believe I'm the same person, not snacking all the time! Isn't it great not to be so centered around food?! Here's to more good luck for you!