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All of my well laid out plans fell apart this morning. I went to the gym and after my workout was starving. I discovered however that I'm out of eggs. My daughter had some cheddar popcorn and that became my breakfast.

So what? I was starving and I ate. I will make a trip to the farm later and pick up some eggs and have my omelet for dinner.

Things are generally going well. Life has been so incredibly crazy and happily busy and now a lull has appeared and I'm going to make the most of it. I knew it would come and it's my opportunity to take care of myself by heading to the gym, preparing healthier food(though I have been managing to eat well in spite of the crazy business) but what I haven't been doing is writing though I did finish my creative writing course. I received great feedback from the mentor about my writing, many positive things and for that I'm grateful. Perhaps there is a smidgen of talent to accompany the joy writing brings me.

I have kept my sugar intake below 15g per day for over 7 weeks now. It's easier than ever but I am noticing the same cravings for bread-like carbohydrates during the premenstrual portion of my cycle though they are less intense and overwhelming. I've decided to honour them with a plain/sugar free bread and tea biscuit occasionally. I am a firm believer that your body speaks to you and you need to listen. If it's screaming there is something wrong..but a gentle whisper is a need wishing to be fulfilled. I'm listening.

For anyone interested in hearing my radio interview there is a player on the sidebar of this blog. It's about fulfilling your dreams and purpose and I would love some feedback as to how you felt I did as a guest.

I would also love some feedback as to how everyone is doing with regard to their food issues.

Take care

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