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In spending much of my life in a feast or famine cycle of dieting, and in spending the last few months determined not to diet, I've discovered that the biggest detriment to my success at weight loss, at becoming healthy and well and shedding the diet mentality along with excess pounds is my own tendency to slip into inertia.

I continuously find excuses not to walk, not to make a nice salad, reasons to do the things that I've always done. It's a pattern of intertia. A pattern of not doing instead of doing, of allowing procrastination to rule my day. I'll do it when the kids go back to school(I have a super large wagon that fits the kids and the cat) or I'll do it after they are in bed(it's dark, I don't) or "I'll make black bean soup tomorrow" and I don't, because tomorrow is as busy as today.

So my new determination is to become a person who does the work. Now. Because in the doing of it is where the determination to do well comes from.

The Wright brothers didn't invent the airplane by pondering the staying on the ground of things. So instead of thinking about what I'm going to be doing, it's time to actually start doing it.

I invite everybody to join me in the no more excuses, time to do it now, portion of their journey.

Affirmation: Today, in this minute even, I will do what is best for my health and wellness. And tomorrow I will do the same.

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4 Responses
  1. I am SO bad about this! I'll be at my belly dance class tonight getting a good workout, and tomorrow I'm dusting off my treadmill & taking a walk!

  2. Procrastination is such a difficult vice to overcome. I have a list of things I want to get accomplished and even if I get one part of that task completed each day, I feel proud of myself. =)

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. I would love to guest blog for you! Anytime! Let me know if there is anything you're interested in me sharing about.

    Oh, by the way, if you ever lose your download, just email me over at ETSY and I'll send you a new one.

  3. What a wonderfully written post. I'm there with you. I started back to WW last week, and have my first weigh in tomorrow. I'm so excited. :)

    stopped by to let you know another post in my sexual abuse series is up. I know it isn't fun to read, but you showed interest, so I wanted to let you know.

  4. Breeze Says:

    Corey..thank you..wonderful article. I couldn't see your comments section but I am interested in learning. I like the approach you are taking, informative and educational but with a honest hard look at the issue. We can't fix it if we only think we understand.