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It has been a crazy few weeks. I am likely a few pounds heavier and suddenly I'm feeling it. I feel wonky, caught a cold and I'm tired more. My diet has gotten crazy out of control and I haven't exercised regularly for about a month. So who am I to dole out advice to you, to inspire you, how can I inspire my readers to do what I haven't been doing? I can't inspire you by those actions but I can try to pick myself up and give you an example of getting back on track after a derailment!

I've not posted for a while either and again, the same excuse applies. It's been a crazy few weeks and the rhythm of my life hasn't been conducive to my success. I love the warm, long, sunny days of summer, but the lack of routine plays havoc with my ability to fit things in. Exercise is the first thing to go.

And then the fresh Ontario peaches came. And I made a pie, and a crisp and proceeded to eat them over the past few weeks. Then the heat came, ice cream is good in the heat! Oh, life and food, food and life, they creep in and creep up on you and before you know it, you are unmotivated and sluggish and up a few pounds once more.

It's time to start taking control. Knowing that this is a journey, that we're travelling on foot, not by some Star-Trek magic where we are suddenly beamed into that size seven pair of jeans, is of utmost importance! This is real, this is life. Accepting that these normal fluctuations will occur is imperative to the success and joy of the journey.

I'm a walker and I'm walking today. I haven't been completely sedentary, there are muscles aching right now from my Wednesday night rowing practice(we are learning a new stroke and I have a completely new set of muscles apparantly) but I've been less than motivated to walk, something that has been part of my routine for years! My body is missing the exercise. My mind is missing the meditative aspect of walking and my heart is missing my community, the people I wave to as we go along, wagon load of kids, dog tied to the side, heck even the cat(aptly named Princess) sits in the wagon occasionally and goes along for a ride!

So forward we go. Strapping on the running shoes, heading out the door. It's time to focus and recapture my life as an active, fit, healthy individual again.

Affirmation: Every day is an opportunity to start or restart living as an active and healthy participant in your life! Today I will take that opportunity once again!


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2 Responses
  1. Breeze,
    your post is timely... for me!

    i've been looking for the spark
    that gets me back in the fitness game.
    and and i think i just found it!

    congrats, again!
    (you seem to be on fire, lately!)
    peace~ Chuck

  2. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for the reminder to just keep working on ourselves. You're right - this isn't Star Trek.