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It is time to put things to the test. I've written in the past about how it's our subconscious thoughts that keep us from doing the things we have to do, from having a healthy relationship with food, that causes us to have our compulsions to eat more than we actually need.

We were raised by parents who were either raised in or directly influenced by a generation affected by the great depression. Finish your plate meant this might be your last meal. The suffering and deprivation of that time placed a scar on the psyche of that generation that has manifested into this generation of plenty in the form of excess and obesity.

The trick is to reprogram the subconscious and in all my research into this part of the understanding, two things stand out. They are EFT and Hypnosis.

A few months back I purchased a download from Hypnotransformations and started using it. I felt as though I was having some success however a computer crash caused me to lose the download. The computer was restored and a new account created however I couldn't find it in the iTunes library. A few days ago though, while cleaning out some old files...I found it!

So here starts a new chapter in this blog. The journey using hypnosis to fix my relationship with food. I will record all of my observations on here as time goes on excluding my weight. Through a lot of work I've not weighed myself in over a year. But I have a whole closet of too-tight clothes that will be the test.

So last night I listened to the hypnosis download for the first time. Today? I feel good. Let's see how this goes. I will be inviting the creator of the hypnosis Mp3 that I'm using, Kim at Hypnotransformations to guest post here at some time. Please follow along as I work through her program.

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3 Responses
  1. Oh Breeze! I can't wait to hear how it goes and I'm so looking forward to guest blogging for you =) The body image script is coming along. I will let you know as soon as it's ready. I've been making a lot of pottery lately and need to refocus and make some more hypnosis scripts. I think I'll go work on it now. Take care and talk to you soon, Kym

  2. Hey there, I wanted to let you know I completed the body image hypnosis session. I'm going to put it up on ETSY later today. Take care!!

  3. Raelee Says:

    Breeze, this sounds really interesting. I'm starting a new eating plan for the year this month - the Sonoma Diet. The hypnosis technique sounds fascinating. I will check it out and I look forward to hearing your own success with it.