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My first update is a non-update. I've decided to put off my challenge until the kids start school(tomorrow) for the simple reason that I was swamped and didn't make time to listen to the download more than once. I want to follow the procedure exactly to maximize the benefits. So starting tonight I will be back on track.

That said, even listening once seems to set me in a different mood towards food and eating. My problem these days is a lack of motivation to exercise. I've always been super active and I've gone completely backwards this summer, having no inclination to do much more than a 20 minute walk. Aside from my two dragon boat practices a week I've been pretty much sedentary. That has translated into a plateau of sorts but I'm not worried except for the wellness aspect of regular activity.

I've got exciting things happening with this blog. I've invited Kym at Hypnotransformations to guest blog for me and she's kindly accepted. And I've also invited a local nutritionist and raw-food specialist, Nancy Telfer, who also is a EFT practitioner to guest blog on each subject. Check out her website!So interspersed between my updates will be posts from each of these fascinating women on their wellness specialties!

And remember the walking challenge starting on September 28th! I'm going to start that and I'm hoping some of you will join up and follow me on that journey! I really need to move beyond my 20 minute dog walking excursions!

Namaste friends!

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