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Television adds pounds. I know it does because I'm on television now. I recently became a reporter for a new television news magazine and I'm starting to realise how tiny many of the people who are on television must actually be when they appear of normal weight.

We had a launch party for the new program yesterday and we viewed the show. I was surprised that I looked so much bigger than I thought I was but reassured when other, very small people, also looked larger on the screen. It's all an illusion.

But it got me thinking about body image and how that affects us. Much of how we think of our own body is as much an illusion as the size magnification of people on the small screen!

Many of us have a very confused idea of what is a good body weight. The media's skewed images on television and on magazine covers cause us to think we are overweight when we are not. The judgement of society supports that by the constant bombardment of the messages that you aren't good enough if you don't look the way the media has told you you should. It's not wonder we're confused!

I've come a long way. I looked at myself on the television and while I acknowledged that I looked bigger than I would have liked, I really, deep down, don't care. What I had to say, the work I had to do, the way I spoke, the story I presented, was the most important thing.

People get stuck on the journey because while on the journey you are not at the place you think you should be. The key to not getting stuck is to not focus on the weight or the body but on the feelings and the actions you are taking to a healthier body size.

HHypnosis Update

I've been using hypnosis and it really has taken my focus off of eating. I get hungry now before I eat and I am not overeating. I am walking more but that might have more to do with the weather being suitable for my favourite activity. I can feel in my clothes that I have lost some weight and I feel happy about that. I don't use a scale so I can't share the amount but it's definitely working.

I highly suggest using the weight loss mp3 on Hypnotransformations to get started. The owner of that site has agreed to guest blog for me in the future. Watch for her post!

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