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This weekend we had a family BBQ. This was the first social event I've attended since embarking on my journey to remove refined sugar from my diet. It was a huge success.

Let me preface by saying that my sister and nieces are visiting for 11 days and this makes it difficult as well. But the lack of response to baked goods, I could seriously take them or leave them, gave me the confidence to make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies without eating a single one. I have not even been tempted to taste them.

So I thought this would be a good time to write down the steps I've taken to defeat sugar addiction and cravings.

1. I prepared to quit. I thought about it, journalled about it and then started when I was ready.
2. I only quit refined sugar and ate fruit in any quantity and type until the worst of the cravings passed.
3. I bought and used sugar-free whole grain breads and would have a slice instead of something sweet.
4. I removed all temptation from the house the first week.
5. I used an hypnosis download for weight loss from hypnotransformations.
6. I planned lots of little jobs for me to do while I was fighting the cravings
7. I journalled here.
8. I did not attempt to lose weight and just considered it a lifestyle change. I do not know if I lost weight during that time or not.
9. I decided I could and would do this.
10. I took it moment by moment and promised to forgive myself if I messed up at all.

Every person is unique but if I can do it so can you. Start thinking about it and try one day to give it up. If you can do one day, then you know you can do another and so on until you are free from the cravings. I found the first three days very difficult however the cravings dissipated after the third day and I then cut back on my fruit and bread intake.

On the weekend I sampled a fruit dip I had made for the party. I was really put off by its sweet taste. I would never have thought it possible to dislike the taste of sugar but I really couldn't eat it.

If you want to make lifestyle changes that are permanent and will result in a healthy attitude towards food once and for wall giving up refined sugar is a great place to start. And it's not all or nothing. I decided to leave the occasional glass of wine in my life as deprivation is not my goal at all. So far it is working brilliantly for me. It's over a month and counting now.

Affirmation: Today I decide again that refined sugar is currently not a part of my diet.

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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Too difficult. Sugar is in chocolate and I just can't resist chocolate!!

    CJ xx

  2. Breeze Says:

    Then eat chocolate. I will if I really want to. I like dark bitter high quality chocolate when I have some.

    No deprivation here, it's all about moderation and making the changes you can live with.


  3. It's interesting reading someone else's list of how/why to stay away from refined sugar. Your list is great!

    I'm on year two of no sugar, and I feel great. I still get cravings once in a while, but they're easily doused with a cup of tea or piece of fruit.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Nice to read this blog. It gives inspiration. I stopped sugar to try out how dependant I am, I am on my fourth day. One thing i discovered was that my mouth seem to be so much cleaner after sleeping. (Feels a bit strange to write this, but I wonder if others have experienced the same?)Nice feeling anyway.