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Starting over! Hard to do. Craved a bunch of sweets last night but ate none of them. Now I know, three days and it'll pass so I've got day one tucked under my belt. I probably ate too many other things but, one step at a time!

One thing has struck me lately. In all my binging on the cookies I haven't once worried about weight gain. I mean I know that the result will be weight gain and likely I did put on a few ounces over the few days of sugar munching however it hasn't crossed my mind. My thoughts instead were on health and wellness and avoiding diabetes down the road...all positive thoughts, no "I've blown my diet" thoughts and that has to be a good sign.

A friend of mine was lamenting about how she was doing "insert famous diet plan here" that she was stuck, couldn't lose any more, had lost 12 lbs the first 4 weeks and nothing since. My first thought was "there isn't any fat on you so why have you started dieting?" and my second thought was "Oh, I'm so glad I'm not dieting!".

And I'm not. I eat whatever I want whenever I want. My goal is to fix my disordered eating not to lose weight. I'm hoping the weight loss continues however it's not my goal, I have no definite weight goals, I only have behaviour goals and it's making me a much happier person.

And another exciting thing. I think I've decided to take up a sport! Dragon boating which is basically competitive team rowing. They practice on Monday nights and do three competitions a season. The price is completely reasonable and I think I would absolutely love it. I love to row and to be in a boat regularly would be heaven! So next Monday I get to try it out for free so see how I feel. If I like it I will join the team! I've been looking for a sport because I like the idea of the social time of a team rather than the solitary of a gym for exercise. I will still continue to run and work out with weights and do yoga but this will be very exciting if it turns into something I want to do!

Wish me luck.

Affirmation: I am open to trying new things to find out what I actually love to do rather than what others recommend to me as exercise!

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