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Besides a brief set back with a macaroon I've remained completely on track. Some absolutely beautiful brown sugar strawberries got me over the hump yesterday. I realise that I am likely experiencing a hormonal shift as generally during the last week of my cycle my cravings do increase I've upped my awareness.

Today I'll have to pay particular attention because I've been awake since 3am. This means I will be very tired after dinner and likely the kids won't be. This is kind of a set up or trigger for eating for me. If I can have an early night, ignore the call of a late day caffiene fix, avoid the sugar trap for the evening and call it a night at a reasonable time I have a good chance of being successful. Meanwhile I tried on a pair of jeans from last year and they fit. They are a bit tight but they look nice. In fact my daughter complimented me on them when she came home from school.

Affirmation: There is no hurry. The journey is more important than the outcome. The outcome will be perfect. This I trust and this will guarantee success.

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