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Sometimes life gets busy. And during the busy time things that you've learned often gets tossed aside in the doing of life. Often that's when the gains we have made in our lifestyle changes fall back somewhat. This is when there comes a time that either makes or breaks you, whether you forge forward or slip back into old, self damaging habits.

Sleep seems to be a contributor to over eating. In the heat of exhaustion a person will turn to food for fuel and often during that times, an emotional eater will turn to food easily because fatigue weakens the resolve to learn and grow and move away from old patterns and in comes the old self-defeating habits again.

The first step is to not beat yourself up! You are human, you will do things that are not necessarily good. No matter how much you train the conscious mind to know what is better to do, when you are tired, when you are busy, when there isn't as much time to be conscious and mindful of your habit your subconscious mind takes over. Because the subconscious mind has all the old, prerecorded messages that set you up for your eating disorder in the first place, skewed your body image and messed up your sense of normal when it comes to food and weight, when you are busy your subconscious mind takes over and then of course you slip back to the old ways. Until the subconscious can be retrained through energy work or hypnosis, there is always a risk of slipping backwards during stressful and busy times.

One of the biggest failures of the diet industry is their neglect of real life. Most diet programs cannot be fit in to the real lives of real people. It also does not take into account that the subconscious mind is in charge 95-98% of the time. Without retraining the subconscious, 95% of the population cannot lose and maintain a significant weight loss. This is why willpower doesn't work, why diets don't work and why people get fat, stay fat and get fatter once they start dieting. It's a vicious cycle.

Work to maintain equilibrium in your life but when life takes over and you are swept along, back into the old ways, plan new ways to bring yourself back into mindfulness and don't allow a set back to influence you to quit. The journey is long but well worth the effort. Get back to exercise, get back to healthy foods, toss out the junk food that you gathered for that party, those visitors and toss them out! Try a new activity and keep the faith.

Remember to add subconscious change work to your routine and if possible slip this into your daily practice even in the busy times.


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2 Responses
  1. This is an exceptional post !! Really fantastic and very much true..Sub conscious i have really worked hard on it to understand the real facts...Unseen Rajasthan

  2. Hilary Says:

    All very wise advice.. with much "food" for thought. ;)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.. much appreciated. :)