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Note the button on my right sidebar! This blog has been entered in the Wellsphere Healthblogger competition!

Also, I have signed up to become a featured blogger. This is from the information about that!

Health2.0 conference starts tomorrow
The Health2.0 conference is set to get underway tomorrow (Tuesday), and promises to be an amazing two days of presentations and discussions of the latest in online health and technology by dozens of prominent and influential industry and blogosphere luminaries, plus discussions and interactions among over 1,000 attendees who are involved in the latest developments in online health.

If you signed up to be a featured blogger for the conference, the articles you post to your blog on Tuesday and Wednesday will be displayed on a special giant monitor during the conference. We'll send you email updates with information about topics discussed and events announced during the conference, so you can write posts on the topics of interest to the conference attendees, and have those posts reach the attendees during the conference!

So it's very exciting! Please click the button and let's see how it goes!


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  1. Hey there, I just voted for you to win. I put your button on my blog as well. Good Luck! When are the winners announced?