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When the flu is in the house my eating habits become erratic however that is the time when I'm most likely to focus on eating super healthy foods. I had started to drink a lot of green tea for the metabolic benefits and it did seem to be helping but since my children have been fighting this flu bug I've taken to researching foods that are antiviral and of benefit to fighting off those types of disease.

Who would have guessed that the green tea I've been drinking lately has added benefits of having antiviral properties ! Maybe that explains why I've been able to keep it away so far!

And I've been making a smoothie and sneaking good things into it because, let's face it, vitamin D tablets, vitamin C powder and green tea aren't all that appealing to healthy adults never mind sickly kids.

So being the sneaky mommy that I am, I've been adding good stuff to a very delicious smoothie that the kids love. Here is the recipe...adjust it to your taste and needs.

1 cup orange juice
1 cup frozen fruit(any kind)
vitamin D tablets crushed(amount recommended for whoever is drinking it)
vitamin C powder or tablets crushed(amount recommended for whoever is drinking it)
strong green tea steeped and cooled.
honey or other sweetener to taste.

Blend in blender and enjoy!

and of course..add whatever you want to make it yours...but avoid dairy which increases congestion in many people which isn't a chance to take when avoiding or battling the flu!

Stay Healthy!

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