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In a previous post I talked about two challenges I had encountered. I had decided to start both challenges because, walking is a good idea and the Core Diet Challenge promised to be about balancing your hormones/adrenals etc. and getting yourself healthy.

Well I finished reading the book and it is a good book. Well written, great science, great ideas but I won't be doing the challenge. It is a diet. There are meal plans which include meat(great, I'm vegetarian), you eat 3 meals, 2 snacks a day, so there is regimen and there is deprivation. Nothing white, no pasta, refined sugar, potatoes? Come on! Potatoes are a nutritional goldmine! Pasta is not bad, it needs to be moderated. Sugar? I want a cookie! Moderation? Absolutely, but deprivation, not even for a second! It's a brain scrambler that messes with natural hunger and should be avoided at all costs!

I did the quiz and I came out as out of balance hormonally. Heck I knew that. I'm 43, my cycles are wonky, pms is horrible, I bloat, I bitch, I write really good chapters of my novel(my husband is thankful for my redirection abilities) and I move on. I also take some supplements for that, which I was surprised to see, were recommended in the book.

My premise has always been that it's diets that makes you fat. In this post I talked about what makes something a "diet" and not a lifestyle change. Well if you are dieting at all, you are not making a lifestyle change.

I have made drastic lifestyle changes and I've lost weight as well. It's a slow process but I've gotten my eating under control to the point that I don't think about it anymore.

I think this is the best post I've written about my theory about the "diet/lifestyle change" industry.

What have I done? I've changed my whole life! And have come to the conclusion that if I have to spend my money on it it's a diet!

My inner thought changes that are reflected in my outer life changes are:

I started writing full time. It's my passion. It fulfills me.
I meditate throughout the day.
I've utilised weight loss hypnosis as part of reprogramming my diet industry brain washed brain.
I joined a Dragon Boat team for exercise and as a social outlet!
I became a reporter at First Local Stratford
I finished my poetry book! It will be published in October!(more about how you can win one in a minute
I started eating mostly whole foods, unprocessed crap, in small amounts.
I don't sweat when I eat cookies or cake, they're yummy, I'm human.
I'm on television and I don't care how I look on there...the television adds way more than 10 pounds by the way, our very tiny producer looks way bigger than she actually is on the small screen)
I've incorporated the Excuses Begone Paradigm in my entire life
I don't diet
I don't weight myself!

I didn't make a lifestyle change, the diet industry has stolen that as their buzz word but if you have to deprive yourself of things you love, if it's unrealistic or restrictive, it's a diet. Over the course of the last year I changed my entire life's attitude and habits. My eating habits are changing right along with it.

It's not about lifestyle change. It's about inner change, comfort in your own skin, finding things you are passionate about, not making excuses, being happy as you are because as you are is how you are and all that matters!

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