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It has been a busy time! I am about 3 chapters from a completed first draft of my novel! Such an exciting time for me! I have several stories for the television news show to shoot including one today and my days have been full and exciting.

And I've neglected this space and I apologize! I've also neglected myself so you are not alone.

When life is so busy it's hard to find time to cook properly, exercise, meditate, just be and it's easy to fall back into the habits that are easy...quick food, junk food, sugar, too much caffeine. And it's easy to gain weight.

Then along comes pms. Oh yeah, cookies good, vitamins suck..that was me last week. But this week I'm back again.

Yesterday I made a huge crock pot of vegetable soup and today I made a meatless shephards pie and it feels great to eat foods full of the stuff a body needs to be well and fit.

Now if the weather would accommodate comfortable walking I'd be completely back on track.

I always find the seasonal adjustment a challenge so I'm looking for a non weather-dependant activity that is free and doesn't involve a video..I hate working to's just unnatural!

So that has been my challenge lately and I'm afraid I haven't held up well. I do find that my committment in real life corresponds with my committment to this I guess I'd better hang around!

I may just walk up and down the stairs ten times a day or something odd like that!

Also, I am toying with the idea of starting a local support group based on my ideas here. It wouldn't be a "weightloss" group but instead focus on the behaviour that leads to weight issues and eating issues. What would you like to see in such a group? Suggestions are appreciated!

If you have any vegetarian recipes that are easy and delicious I would appreciate a link as well. I think I'm in a rut and need something new! I try to eat seasonal so something hot and winter vegetable-ey would be perfect!

Affirmation: I adjust to change well and I am flexible, eating the best foods as they are available.

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2 Responses
  1. Hilary Says:

    Good for you.. sounds like you're accomplishing plenty. I learned to like walking in nasty weather (cold, wet or otherwise) when I learned to dress properly for it. Tops tucked in and layers.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You're so right about enjoying the foods our bodies need most. It makes us feel better in ourselves, not only physically, but mentally too.

    Well done on getting so far with the novel. Best of luck with the last 3 chapters.

    CJ xx