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I am way overdue for an update. As I go along, still sugar-free, I'm noticing some things. First of all, I believe I had, what I would call, a reaction to some sugar. I baked some banana muffins that called for honey. I only gave up refined sugar and so I thought, why not? Well after being out all day and getting home, very hungry, I ate two of them. Later I became very ill. I felt as though I had a fever(I didn't) and I had to go lay down and cover for a while. I also felt cold, shakey and it took me a long while to warm back up. This feeling only happened once and only after I ate the muffins. Maybe I shouldn't have had two(actually, definitely I shouldn't have) however I felt so hungry I just did it. I won't do that again! If I decide to eat sugar of any kind, I will be more moderate, start out slowly.

Beyond that, today was the first day I've felt even remotely any craving for sugar. And it was mild. As a woman I also have to say, premenstrual symptoms were minimal and that is a very pleasant change. I am making another assumption here when I say this craving might be related to hormonal changes. If so, things certainly have changed in that regard!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been reading "French Women Don't Get Fat" and I've taken to adopting some of the methods set out in the book. One things I've started doing is making my eating into more of an event. Today I set out my bread, cheese, sliced orange and some berries on a plate and my fifteen year old daughter said "That looks so professional" and it did! It looked as though it had been prepared at a restaurant. I like the idea of using nice plates and setting the food on the plate in an appetising manner. We are blessed to have good food and enjoying it as an occasion makes it feel like more of a gift.

It feels odd, I hope the feeling lasts but this is the most normal I've ever felt. I don't obsess about what I eat, I know if I want something I can have it and I am just choosing not to.

For anyone out there trying to quit sugar, here is a tip. Eat a bit more bread. I have a slice of a whole grain, sugar-free bread with fruit and it satisfied me until I got past the first few days of cravings. I no longer do that because I am not craving sugar right now. Let me clarify, I still eat it, but not for that reason, I eat it now simply because it's what I like to eat at times.

Affirmation: I eat a limited amount of sugar daily. I no longer crave sugar and I now can do without it except for very special occasions and enjoy unrefined sweets instead of refined white sugar as a treat.

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