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This morning for some reason I woke early. 4:30am to be precise and finally got out of bed at 5:00am. I broke the fast in that I decided to have my morning coffee. I probably got a maximum of five hours sleep, not nearly enough for the day. I did some yoga, took a shower and just finished a beautiful breakfast, a two-egg omellette with feta cheese and shallots, whole-grain bread with butter and a bowl of raspberries, out of season but still juicy and delicious.

I'm not sure how this day will play out. I have some appointments this morning but this afternoon is clear. I doubt I will walk today, the rain is heavy and it's not supposed to stop until this evening, hopefully before my daughter's soccer game.

The morning is interesting. I decided, since I was awake, and not being a morning person, that I would work hard to enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to be in one, alone and quiet. A thunderstorm boomed in the distance and I watched the lightening show through my window. The winds shot horizontal rain across west to east giving me a nice visual effect. After the rain let up and the winds ceased to an eerie calm, the robins invaded my front lawn for a morning meal, fresh and clean, they pecked and left, at least a dozen at any given time. They were a joy to watch although I did feel sad for the worms.

I'll get ready for the day now, content, awake, peaceful, not a morning person but blessed with the morning. It gave me great joy to watch the sunrise and not because it signalled that it was time to eat, and in fact I didn't eat until a good hour after it rose, but because I rarely get to see one, and this one was pretty perfect.

I wrote about it here if you're inclined to travel to another page.

Affirmation: This is the day I've been given. I will accept all the pleasures it offers me in gratitude and want for nothing.


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  1. Greg C Says:

    I need to do a spiritual fast. I did one once for two days and felt great and my thoughts were so much clearer. Congrats on winning the other book. Nice blog you have here.