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In googling all over the Internet, looking at the massive amounts of information that is out there about weight loss and weight control I've found that there is one aspect of the journey that is overlooked. This is something so simple, so essential and basic it really is surprising at how often it's over looked!. Are you ready? This missing link in the chain is you!

You are the one that must decide to lose weight. You are the one that must decide not to lose weight. It is your internal messages that have been hampering your success. This is not about placing blame on you, though I often say "Own your own crap". But this time it's really not all on you. The messages you have been given about thus far about weight loss and body image have all been incorrect. That's not your fault. It's the fault of a media and an industry who have let you down for the almighty dollar.

What does the diet industry have to gain if everybody suddenly found the secret to weight loss? Nothing. In fact they have a lot to lose. Money. Billions of dollars in revenue. So where is the motivation for them to have you actually succeed? Now I'm sure some weight loss programs have ideals and standards that aren't entirely revenue based. There are some that are completely non-profit. The problem is they still subscribe to the Nutrition+Exercise=weight loss formula. This formula isn't incorrect. It just misses an important aspect.

The Weighless and Weightless formula goes more like this. Nutrition+Exercise X Self Empowerment=success. I use success instead of weight loss because many people may decide they are fine with their weight. A significant number of people are overweight because they tried to lose weight when they were at a perfectly healthy size already. It's about you. If your body needs to lose excess weight to function in a healthy way then yes, the equation equals weight loss. If you decide I'm OK at this weight(no matter what the weight is) then that too is success. So even the formula is adjusted to suit you!

Success is measured differently in this formula. Success is not determined for anyone of you by the number on the scale. It involves a shift to knowing that success is how you define it and that's empowerment!

My personal definition of success is likely different then yours. Those moments when I feel I have a good and healthy relationship with food, those days when instead of battling this issue, I'm allowing myself to just be at peace with the decisions I make about food, those moments are how I measure success.

Affirmation: I will choose my own path, I will cut my own way through the forest of misinformation and I will do this through self-empowerment, knowledge, exercise and a positive self and food relationship.


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4 Responses
  1. Thanks for the very applicable affirmation. I can use it about now.

  2. A weighty issue, but you've hit the nail on the head.

  3. You've got a terrific attitude! Very insightful! Bravo! Congrats on POTD! ~Janine

  4. Great post - I really MUST lose weight! Congratulations on POTD. I bet you're glad you are in shape because in a week you are in a horse race - The Grand National, non the less. Eddie