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My sugar cravings are gone. I won't go as far as to say I'll never eat sugar again however, as of this moment, I could take it or leave it and I'm choosing to leave it. A few weeks ago I wouldn't have even thought it was possible with careful planning and several deliberate steps I've managed to do it! The feeling of being free from cravings is incredible and one moment at a time, with mindful choices I'll remain sugar-free. I have had little to no refined sugar for about a month now and I feel absolutely no desire for any. Yes, that is a short period of time however what is different is how I feel. Physically I feel balanced and healthy. Emotionally and mentally, I've had the best premenstrual and menstrual cycle in a long time, minimal bloating, almost zero mood swings and minimal cramping.

There were several steps I took to get to this point.

1. I used an hypnosis mp3 download for weight loss from hypnotransformations. I use this regularly, it's for weight loss but I believe it still worked on this specific thing. I will continue to use it as I clean up my diet further in my goal to achieve optimal health and weight.

2. I prepared my mind before hand. I knew it would be tough and I knew I would be tempted so I went moment by moment. I didn't plan to do it forever, I still don't say I will never have sugar, I don't want deprivation to enter into my mind, so I can have sugar, but each day I chose not to. This has worked to help me defy myself because many of us crave things we "can't" have so by allowing and choosing instead of denying it helps us with that psychological hurdle.

3. I ate fruit. I gave up refined sugar only. I didn't use artificial sweeteners at all because I feel they are more harmful than sugar and keep you craving. I found a banana muffin recipe that used honey and I've made those twice however I haven't found that I crave for them particularly. I also cut out white flour at the same time, replacing it with whole wheat or other whole grain, this was accidental though because I discovered most(all?) bread without sugar are made with whole grains and are white-flour free.

4. I don't feel as though it's a diet. I feel it is more along the lines of beating an addiction so I look at it as doing something positive for myself similar to quitting smoking. I don't feel deprived at all however the need to stuff myself with a dessert at the end of a very filling meal has vanished.

5. I changed my thoughts from "I deserve a treat" to "I deserve a body that is healthy". This too cut out the idea of deprivation and worked with my psyche to reassure me I was allowed, I was just making a different choice today.

6. I did a fast for one week that didn't allow for any food consumption after sunset until sunrise. This was a great tool for getting rid of the night time baked-goods craving as I had two reasons, not just one, for not giving into the cravings. The fast was a spiritual fast where I spent time doing yoga and meditation and writing. It was very beneficial and very easy to do as I ate well all day but stopped just after 6:30pm every night.

7. I drank tons of fluid, but only herbal tea and water. I got as much sleep as I could.

8. When the cravings got tough I ate two slices of whole grain, sugar free bread with fruit. It got me through but now I don't do this. I still eat it but it's just a meal, not a way to beat sugar cravings.

8. I decided. And I keep deciding every day, that I won't have refined sugar. I remember watching an interview with Robert Downey Junior who battled drug addiction for so long but who seems to be very successful in beating it in the past few years. He was asked what the difference was this time as opposed to all the other times he'd tried and he said that this time he "decided" to do it. Previously he hadn't made the decision. He knew he should, he wanted to, he intended to, but he hadn't decided to. So yes, you have to make a definite, realistic decision to do this in order to have success.

I am very proud to have done this, even for just a month. I am doing it again today and tomorrow I plan on deciding to do it again. I try not to think beyond that because who knows what the future will bring.

I do know that if I can do it anyone can. Decide to do it, pick a date and go forward. It is possible and the health benefits cannot be underestimated. I feel better and things are clearer now.

Affirmation: Anything I choose to do I can do if I decide to do it.

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3 Responses

  1. Lia Mack Says:

    awesome! way to go! now you'll cringe at just how disgustingly sweet everything is once you bite into something or drink something that you used to enjoy...or even ADD sugar to!... I water everything down now if I do drink juice, but water just makes me FEEL so much better, I tend to just drink tea in the morning and forgo the juice...even my kiddos do the same too ;) I know, I'm ruining them so they won't have to deal with diabetes or insulin problems...sigh... ;)

  2. Lia Mack Says:

    "I deserve a body that is healthy"

    amen. that is the best mantra.