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As of late I've been considering a fast. I have had mixed feelings in attempting this although my research is helping me come to the conclusion that there really is some benefit to fasting with certain conditions. To fast as a means of weightloss is detrimental in that likely, when it's at the end of the fast, you will fall into feast mode physcially and mentally. When you feel deprived you likely will make up the deprivation with plenty.

As someone who has never fasted it seems that I should come to this for reasons that are true and of benefit to my spirit as well as my body. I also think it should be quick and incomplete, in that I don't completely give up food. I've I have done some research and feel it is of benefit to attempt one of these three methods of fasting.

Dawn to dusk fast for seven days. I will not consume solid foods, simply freshly made juice and water from sunrise to sunset. I will end the day with a nutritious and simple meal. This type of fasting is very common amongst religious groups and likely one of the easier ones to carry out.

Twenty-four hour juice fast. This is exactly as it says, no solid foods for 24 hours. Then at the end begin a new cycle of eating.

Twelve hour dusk to dawn fast. Eat or drink only during daylight hours and fast for 12 hours after dinner. The food consumed during the daylight hours is raw/steamed and vegetarian.

These are the three fasts I've considered. I will be starting the third tomorrow as I feel it is the one that will be easiest for me. I will do it for 7 days starting at sunrise tomorrow. According to my research I am to go by the sunrise, sunset for my area. If you have ever fasted what have your results been like? How did it go for you.

This is day three of being sugar-free. It's the easiest day so far although I did have a little glass of red wine with my mother's day dinner. And I couldn't find a pizza without sugar in the ingredients was way down on the list in the pizza I chose but I was determined I wasn't cooking today!

So tomorrow I start my spiritual fast. It will begin with meditation and sun salutations in the morning and light food all day. It will end each day at sunset. I will spend extra time in consideration of spiritual matters and in clearing out and starting over. After this week I may try a week of the opposite fast.

Affirmation: As part of a new spiritual rebirth I will eat cleansing whole foods with the daylight and fast for 12 hours with the moon. I do this for health, well being and spiritual growth.

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3 Responses
  1. Good luck with the fast. I only have to say the word and I immediately want to eat everything that won't eat me first.

  2. Breeze Says:

    I have to say..that's exactly what my reaction in the past would have been. I'm in a different place this time..and it's part of a spiritual cleansing I'm doing, trying to make a transition to a different place in my life.

    The hypnosis is working wonders on my eating habits.


  3. Lluvia Says:

    Hey Breeze, I have been fasting. It's okay. I got mostly used to it, but I get terrible cravings sometimes. Good luck!