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In the previous posts I have posted mainly about the spiritual fast I have undertaken and it is going well. Meanwhile, before I started the fast I had already spent several days without refined sugar in my diet. I still have not had refined sugar to any degree other than a little that was listed way down on the ingredient list on a frozen pizza I had on Mother's day.

I'm not sure I believe in the idea of sugar addiction in the sense of it being a traditional addiction. I believe, for me, I just really like the taste of sweet, baked goods and have trouble regulating. I guess it's more of a compulsive eating, maybe even a compulsive eating disorder.

I cannot think that I will never have a sweet baked item and know that when I'm ready I will eat some baked goods. I am however searching for recipes that use less refined sources and I will avoid those that have sugar as the base of the recipe.

I'm counting on the hypnotherapy to reprogram my mind so that when I'm ready I can reintroduce some treats back into my diet.

Now, let's get back to how it's been going for me, personally, without sugar.

I haven't noticed any terrible side-affects or withdrawal from lack of sugar. I have been careful to eat some perfect, natural sugar foods such as fruit and berries and sweet vegetables. I truly cannot believe that this is not a positive thing for health and I am not necessarily moderate in my consumption of these foods. My breakfast has consisted of orange, peeled and sliced, several strawberries, raspberries, and two slices of a whole grain bread with butter. Last night I had pears poached in burgundy wine and sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice, strawberries, raspberries, and several pieces of cheese. There is not hardship in this way of eating. In fact I've taken to arranging my food attractively on a plate so that I feel rather decadent and special. Deprivation is the enemy of healthy eating and I refuse to partake in it.

There have been some physical changes that have been positive. First of all my exzema on my ankles has all but gone. This may be due to having less sugar of the seasonal change, either way it's minimal right now. I also was sleeping really well due to the consumption of a certain tea. Until a few nights ago I tried a different brand and it didn't work as well. So I am back to the original brand today.

The most positive aspect of this experiment has been that the sugar cravings have almost completely subsided. Yes, I'm eating fruit which has a sweet element, but I don't crave them and I didn't finish the pears even, but it still amazes me that I'm not craving a cookie or a donut. I certainly did the first three nights. Somehow after the third night the cravings subsided drastically and haven't really returned.

I am playing it by intuition. I feel I will know when I am able to reintroduce small amounts of refined sugar back into my diet however I'm not there yet. I believe at this point it would lead to a tumble back to the beginning when the sugar cravings were at an all time high, the compulsive eating would return and I would need to start over.

Meanwhile I listened to my hypnosis recording this morning before I got up and I'm ready for another day of healthy eating.

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6 Responses
  1. SILVER Says:

    It's great to hear about the benefits of good health -the reward in all these hard work!! what teas was it that helped you sleep better? for me, camommile really works quite well for me.

  2. boatbaby Says:

    Ah sugar. My love, my enemy. It was so easy to go without before I had a little one. And I don't even allow him much if any sugar. But it's the fact that I am never well rested or well fed myself and that hit of sugar gives me the boost.
    Does 72% dark chocolate count as sugar ;)

  3. I have found the key to any compulsion or addiction is moderation (and abstinence in some cases) and following a structured plan. The plan needs to be life long. There will be "relapses" but they can be used as a learning experience. I hope the hypnosis remains part of your plan to stay on track.

  4. You give me hope about sugar! I have cut down drastically. Usually fruit at night. I do think refined sugar is not good for you. But then refined foods are really not good for you. Thanks for the update.

  5. Anonymous Says:

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  6. Anonymous Says:

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