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Today I would like to do something different. Please let me introduce you to the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton,PhD. specifically the book, The Biology of Belief. In this book Dr. Bruce Lipton, lays out, clearly and concisely, the science of epigenetics. Haven't heard of it? Don't know the term epigenetics? I am suggesting everybody will soon enough. It's exciting, relevant and ground breaking new genetic research.

Have you ever wondered why you continue in behaviours that defeat your purpose. Have you ever heard the saying "When we know better, we do better" but felt "actually, I know better but I'm doing a lot of the same things". Are you stuck? Are you perpetually climbing the same mountains, doing all sorts of self-awareness and self-help things with only minor success scaling to the top?

Do you want to know why? Do you wish to understand the reasons for your difficulties making change when consciously you are doing all you can to increase your awareness of your self-defeating behaviours?

Recently I was introduced to the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton. I downloaded his audiobook and have listened to it several times. It is a logical, well laid out, biological explanation of genetics, how our understanding of genetics as explained by the experts, has misled us. That we have control over our genetics to a degree, having the ability through our environment, to change all our genetic predispositions and in fact, that predispositions do not exist as we think they do.

I'm expecting that you will hear a lot of these ideas over the next while, that this book will be at the forefront of a cultural shift that gives us back the control of our lives by showing us what we need to be doing to facilitate growth and change in our behaviours.

Recommended reading, nay, mandatory reading, for anyone on a journey to self awareness and behaviour change. While it can directly be applied to the weightloss journey, freeing you up to finally change self-defeating actions, it also must be applied across the board to all areas of your life. Enjoy.

Available at the Breeze Daze Amazon Store or your local library.


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