Carolyn Chaffey
So I've come up with what I think is a reasonable and likely effective plan to shed the excess weight.
I'll list the steps here for the benefit of anyone who wants to give it ago.

Journaling: I'm going to keep track of my daily intake on my Spark People account. One of the things that all people who had lost weight and kept it off more than five years had in common was a journal. A notebook is equally efficient but anyone reading this likely has regular computer access and Spark people is free, easy to use and full of tools and tracking and motivation. I like it.

Accountability: A daily post here, weekly updates regarding success. Monday will be my update day. Daily menus and exercise accomplishements posted here. You are welcome to post yours in my comments.

Exercise: I'm aiming for a weekly total of 210 minutes of activity per week. I'm counting walking, running, yoga..anything and everything. It works out to 30 minutes a day.

Motivation: I'm hoping for some followers of this blog and some success stories as well. I'm going to feature some success stories occasionally. Spark People has a great number of success stories on its website. I'll link to them sometimes as well.

Service: I'm going to try to post daily with an eye to providing information, recipes and ideas that will help others along the path to emotionally healthy attitudes towards food and diet. My goal is that I never spend another cent supporting the diet industry. I just want optimum health and to be free of the feeling of deprivation so many diets provide.

That's the plan. You are welcome to join me along the way.

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