Carolyn Chaffey
How are you? How are you feeling today? Take a close look at yourself, take stock of your wellbeing and rate it on a scale of one to ten, ten being good, one being, well, not so good.

I'd say today I'm a three. I'm not so good. There are reasons but it has to do with my own physical well-being than anything else. My ability to cope with even minor problems is definitely affected by how I feel physically and today I have a headache. They are rare, fortunately but it does interfere with my ability to cope.

So today I have to take extra measures to prevent me from running to the snack cabinet for relief, not from the headache, but from the emotional toll not feeling well takes on me.

A hug would fix it just as well so I'm going to gather some from my kids today, they are always open to giving mommy all the hugs she needs. Sweeter than candy and easier on the waistline.

Giving hugs is fun and free and an easy distraction from the cookie jar!

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