Carolyn Chaffey
The problem with baking cookies is the cookie dough. I just made some with the express intent of not eating too much. And I didn't. But boy was it hard. It takes a really concerted effort for me to not eat it by the spoonful. I had no problem sitting down and eating two cookies with my tea after dinner and putting one back when I realised I was full(that's rare for me too) but not eating the cookie dough was hard. I think it would have gotten the better of me if I hadn't promised myself I was going to write about my day here. That accountability is invaluable at times.

So what is it that makes us unable to turn off that switch? You know the one, the switch from "just a taste" to "complete and utter pigginess". My switch gets stuck and I will eat more and more even though I know it isn't necessary, there will be future cookie dough to snack on and there really isn't any need to eat it all right now before they go in the oven.

Icecream is another one of these foods for me that have a broken switch. I have a great deal of trouble eating just a serving. I love the taste of it but after a while it's not about the taste anymore, it's about it satisfying something else other than hunger.

I'm on a mission to find out what is wrong with the wiring on that switch. Why it doesn't just go off, why moderation on certain tempting foods is almost impossible for me. There isn't anything wrong with cookie dough. It's fine to sample it. It's crazy to eat a lot of it.

I hope to fix this switch but I think I have to start by investigating what makes the switch stick. I will be exploring this further in days to come. I welcome your thoughts on this.

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