Carolyn Chaffey
I should be writing about motivation but instead I'm writing about the day of challenges I had yesterday.

My journalling went fine but because I hadn't planned well I ended up eating dinner that I know wasn't particularly healthful. I washed it down with a sugary glass of ice tea.

So I had a bad day food wise. No blame, no excuses, I completely and utterly claim it. I know my period is due and I'm going to go into the connection that there is between our monthly cycles and our diet. There is no doubt, having lived in this body 43 years and menstruting for 30 of them that I get carbohydrate cravings before and during my period. There is a connection.

I'm tempted to just go with it, moderately of course and let my body have what it seems to want, cut back on other things like protein for a week and just see. Then adjust again when it's past.

Today I'm planning better and working harder at eating well. No snacking and more fruit and vegetables.

It's not easy. It's one of those things where you know better and you do wrong. I refuse to fall into the guild trap and I refuse to give up.

I will post about Motivation later. I'm going to need some!

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