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Two steps backwards. Well not really, just two days without exercise. It's been a crazy time and there just hasn't been enough go in me to, well, go! I haven't checked the weather for tomorrow but please let it be reasonable. I loved the walks we had been having.

Today I made the Honey Baked Lentils and boy were they yummy! I added carrots and turnip and ate way too much. Such are the dangers of eating too little all day. I ate 4 slices of toast for breakfast this morning with peanut butter thinking two wouldn't be enough to get me through until we returned from a shopping expedition. I was right and I was hungry by 2pm but a few handfuls of sunchips got me through until dinner but of course then I proceeded to over-eat that. It was a very unhealthy eating day that even the nutrition of the honey baked lentils likely didn't balance. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day a la Scarlett O'Hara!


What I am rediscovering lately is my love for tea. I grew up watching my parents drink tea and carnation milk and that's my preference still. Although I like drinking water when the weather is cool my preference is a hot drink. I've always like tea, regular old black tea and in recent years flavoured as well. Recently I've discovered a store brand that's as good as any of the expensive name brands. I'm not sure of the herbal benefits if there are any but the taste is certainly excellent and the price can't be beat. it's the Irresistables brand from Food Basics. I'm not sure what other stores it might sell in.

I've gone through a package of their Roobois caramel and orange and it was delicious but unfortunately sold out today so I picked up the Bedtime flavour. It's delicious. And the smell from the box is indescribable! The ingredients lists as follows; camomile flowers, spearmint leaves, blueberrries, orange flowers linden flowers, lemon grass, rosehips, passion flower herb and rosebud flower.

It's claimed effect is relaxation and calmness. We shall see how I sleep tonight. At $1.00 for 20 bags I'm happy with just a nice taste. A good nights sleep will be a bonus. I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

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