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Today's topic is accountability and the second part of our JAMES program.

Every time I have ever lost weight in the past it has been because I've attended meetings that required some kind of accountability. Why is it that knowing you have to face that scale and the set of eyes adjusting, no matter how non judgemental they may be, is a great motivator to take the right steps to the goal? Somehow it works. Of course it's not the only motivator at those types of meeting, there is support and information and tools to buy but the accountability makes a difference.

In fact time after time I would hear people at those meetings say "I tried to do it myself but I needed the accountability". I have said the words myself!

So there is a need to have accountability and on the surface it would seem that we require someone else to be the person we are accountable to but it isn't entirely true. Because we aren't facing one set of eyes we are facing two sets and one of them is our own. Maybe it's the forced jar into reality that really motivates us.

Now, I'm doing something different. I'm not weighing. I haven't shared that little tidbit here before. I am using my JAMES system in a way that for me works best and that doesn't lead to an obsession with the scale. I'm using my clothing size as my guide and they are a bit looser. I'm using my day by day effort as a guide to my success rather than the number on the scale and I'm using my posts here as my accountability, you will keep me accountable but better yet, I am holding myself accountable. I am working towards better health and I can feel this happening without every looking at the number on the scale.

For those of you who have never tried to lose weight without that obsession with that number it is rather freeing! It also works the same way but it requires a shift in your thinking that says you are a success based upon the actions you take rather than the results.

Of course I suggest anybody following along with me on this blog use whatever means they need to to shed the weight and be successful. Be accountable where ever you need to be, read results by whatever measure you choose and just follow your own path along to the goal we all share, a lighter, happier, healthier body.


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