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Today was a crazy one. An appointment in another city, leaving the house before 9am to drop one kid off at school, off to Tim Hortons to get coffee and timbits(yeah, way to start the day for the kid but she hasn't eaten in three days and I was willing to give it a shot. Then off to pick up another, go to appointment, then lunch, fast food, MacD. for the kids(little one ate a nugget) and BK for me. I got the veggie combo, gave older daughter the pop and ate the veggie burger bringing the salad home for me.

Do you know how good it feels to think you've eaten nearly your entire caloric allowance for the day and then to realise you've entered your veggie burger twice?!? So I am under by 233 calories today.

Journalling: Check
Accountability: Check
Motivation: Checked out a facebook page for a woman who has lost weight and is now a swimsuit model and fitness model...I am hoping to interview her some day for my blog.
I found her quite by accident.
Exercise: No deliberate exercise but carrying a 35 plus three year old around all day must count for something plus I've pulled something in my inner thigh doing that and I think I should rest a bit.
Service: Again, caring for a sick child hopefully I'm helping a young man who is in University earn some extra money for himself.

So todays Menu was:

Breakfast: Shredded wheat and milk(ate about half before it went soggy
Coffee and a coconut timbit

Lunch: BK veggie burger and eggplant manicotti

Dinner: Honey Baked Lentils and Burger King Salad

Snacks: pc hot chocolate and a piece of cheddar chees

I also sampled the macaroni and cheese I made for the kids dinner before I tucked it away in the fridge!
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