Carolyn Chaffey
I know I'm a little smaller. I can tell somehow. I've been walking a lot and not eating junk and moderating my food intake by being aware and mindful. It's been a good week.

I find it hard to be mindful without being obsessive and when the goal is to adopt a normal relationship with food, throw off the diet mentality and work towards a healthy mind, body and spirit all at the same time it's important to not be obsessive about either or the balance is off.

I've been writing a lot and I think that satisfies something in me that food generally does. It makes me happy. It fills the void better than excess baked goods can. It's filling my cup.

So here I sit having a cup of chamomile tea and relaxing, smelling black bean soup cooking in the slow cooker for dinner. I feel good. It's still nice outside and I will walk again.

And I feel lighter. Maybe it's not weightloss but simply feeling that some burdens have lightened. I don't weigh on a scale so I can only judge by how I feel and I feel better, healthier and balanced. And I'm not hungry for food or anything else at this moment in time. Satisfied. That's a good way to be.

Maybe satisfaction is the goal we all should be reaching for in all aspects of our lives. Or maybe we should just be satisfied as we are. Either way it feels good to be me right now and that's really all I need.
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