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There was a movie called Death Becomes Her that was out a few years back that starred Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, Isabella Rossellini and Bruce Willis. In the movie Meryl Streep drinks a potion and after she has finished the bottle the Isabella Rossellini character who gives it to her says "And now a warning" to which Meryl Streep replies"Now a warning?" Well, I feel a bit like Meryl Streep today, without the academy awards and the large bank account.

I've been using the hypnosis download and I love it. I know it's working, I see signs. I just don't spend every waking moment thinking about food or what I'm going to eat, I have a very laid back attitude and except for the "noticing" that I do for this blog I have spent very little time thinking about diet, exercise, weight or body image. I feel like right now I'm pretty close to normal and I have complete trust.

So why the warning? Well one thing I'm noticing is how emotional I am. Resentments are near the surface and I'm ready to burst into flames at a moments notice. I'm an emotional eater. Now that I don't have my crutch, cookies, suddenly I have to actually deal with my emotions and I have no practice. I feel a little bad because I've definitely been less patient lately and my family has born the brunt of it. I'm sure I am not doing any long term damage but they have to be noticing.

The remedy is simple. Now I have to learn to deal with my emotions instead of burying them. I have to be careful not to find another unhealthy crutch. This time is very familiar, it reminds me of how I felt when I quit smoking many years ago. Suddenly I was a different person. Cookies fixed it that time but it was an unhealthy fix.

I've been meditating and noticing and I'll likely get a second hypnosis CD to help deal with the stress of life a little differently. I also plan to continue with the yoga practice I have begun. There can only be good benefits from that.

All in all, so far, this is a positive experience. I still can't tell you what the hypnosis download actually says. I never remember. No matter how much I try I drift off, even sitting up. And I wake up at the end. Maybe that's a normal part of the practice. Meanwhile if you decide to go forward with something like this keep in mind that you may need to adjust your emotions accordingly and learn new ways to cope beyond the Ben and Gerry's.

Affirmation: Today I go forward with trust that the path I've chosen is a good and positive one. All the signs point that way.


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3 Responses
  1. LionTigerBear Says:

    Is it really "real emotions" or is it due to chemical imbalances? If you are just angry/snappy/blue for no particular reason then it's more likely the latter. White flour and white sugar really do act on the brain like drugs, in a sense. Amino acids can help regulate your moods while your body and brain adjust. I learned all of this in an extremely helpful book, The Mood Cure by Julia Ross- I am taking amino acids every day now, and it is very helpful to me as I adjust my diet.

  2. Breeze Says:

    The only thing that I've changed as been the hynosis. I believe it to be the culprit. My diet is better than ever and I'm not at all sensitive to wheat which I discovered after an elimination diet. No I believe I'm no longer eating for emotional reasons and the emotions are now looking for release and they are being released whereas before I would tamp them down with food.


  3. Breeze Says:

    Further to that, there are always reasons, my emotions never appear for no reason, I can name a reason every time I am snappy, this isn't a vague dissatisfaction with things or a weeping for no reason as happens with hormonal imbalances but rather a feeling of my emotions having to be expressed rather than buried. I believe it to be a good thing.