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So we have a new template. I hope you like it. It really suits me and matches my other blog as well with the colour. It will likely undergo some tweaking over the next while but I really like it.

So let's get on with it shall we?

I've given this a lot of thought and here is what I've come up with. This is radical. Are you sitting down? here is the question. What if everything we've ever been programmed to think about weightloss is wrong? What if the thoughts, the messages we've recieved our entire lives is the problem. What if we just simply need to change our thoughts in order to be successful.

Yesterday I wrote down ten common thoughts that I am aware of that I've always believed to be true. Now I'm working on debunking them. I've thought of a few more.

1. Oh, you weigh more, maybe you've gained muscle rather than fat
2. It's water weight
3. You will go into starvation mode and hold on to weight
4. It's harder to lose weight after 20, 30, 40, 50
5. You should weigh every day to keep on top of things
6. You should only weigh once a week.

ok..these are some I've had since yesterday

1. Maybe, maybe not. Stop using the scale and use your waist size instead.
2. Maybe, maybe not. Stop using the scale and use your waist size instead.
3. Really? Is there really such a thing? Because I've seen World Vision and I'm not seeing this. Starving people are thin.
4. Really or is that just an excuse we use, something we've heard, believed and accedpted as true.
5. Really? How about just allowing things to happen
6. Really? How about just allowing things to happen

I'm in utter doubt that anything I've believed all my life about food, diet, weight etc. are true.

Now. What to do with this information.

Step One: First of all I spend 5 minutes in bed every night debunking every weightloss thought that comes to me. It's easy to lose weight after forty, I never crave carbs, I won't go into starvation mode, I trust my body to slip to the weight, I will eat what I feel is good for me and that I need in smaller amounts because I never eat large meals, I only eat small meals.

Step Two: I spend 5 minutes in bed everynight feeling how good it feels knowing that all of this is true, that it's all been lies and now I know the truth and I feel so good knowing that my optimum weight, fitness level and wellness is within my reach finally.

Step Three: I fall asleep in this knowing and marinate in the positivity the entire night

Step Four: Spread the word.

If you are currently following a weightloss plan don't stop. Add this to it instead. Follow your intuition and trust the truth you know is yours.

Take care of You!

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  1. Great post. Our mind only knows the thoughts we put in it. I really want to lose weight and have been using some of these ideas for years. I need to take them out and dust them off!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and agreeing with the hate bombs. I always thought the same thing - do they know me? Then I realized they knew me and didn't care.