Carolyn Chaffey

In case you were wondering, you can do this. There is no doubt that we all can overcome this disordered thinking we have with regard to the food we eat. We can stop obsessing about whether we should do this or that or whether we should eat this or that. There is no bad or good, no right or wrong there is just a disordered way of thinking that has taken control of our subconscious but now that we know we can fix it.

So if you've had a bad day and you are starting to doubt that you can do this think again! You can do this. Others have and you can do. You are as deserving of health and well-being as the next person! You have decided to try to achieve it and you will if you continue to know, deep down inside know, that you will do it. It's not belief, it's not a maybe it's a knowing! You KNOW you can so you will!

Tonight when you go to bed instead of reliving the mistakes of the day think of the positives, the things that prove that you are able to do whatever you set your mind to. Grasp the vision in your mind and hold on to it and then simultaneously work on living in the journey and enjoying the moments that lead you to the vision. Feel how it will feel when you are at your vision so live in that feeling along the journey.

Affirmation: I feel the happiness of success, I feel how it feels to have my vision, I feel confident and well and happy and I am there in my heart and this guides me along the path to success


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