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Change your thoughts, change your waist size. How? Talk yourself into it! In the last post I talked about deprogramming and reprogramming all of the messages that have gotten into your subconscious mind over the course of your life time. I've started to use the last few minutes before falling asleep to affirm the truths that I now claim as my own in order to cast out the old beliefs of my subconscious and replace them with healthy beliefs, positive truths.

But another thing I've started doing is being aware of the thoughts that come into and out of my mind all day and casting them out and replacing them with new positive thoughts. If I were saying what I was thinking out loud I would be typing this from a secure facility somewhere. Thoughts like "I eat small meals, I always have a little glass of water beside me, I never crave food, I only eat for nourishment, I don't think about food that often". These are the thoughts that I'm consciously trying to encode into my subconscious.

I am considering learning some self-hypnosis techniques. I've heard that this can be a handy tool, putting yourself in a highly suggestive state while repeating the new codes you have to put into your brain.

I'm realistic. I know I will have to practice this, a lot, it's all new and it's all experimental but I know right now I'm starting to believe the new truths consciously. I'm hoping this experiment will mean I will start to believe in subconsciously since that's what controls 95% of what we do in our lives.

So start talking yourself into it. Quietly of course. A simple thing but something I think you have to do in order to succeed with weight loss. Change your mind, change your waist size!

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