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Sugar consumption in North America and most of the western world is out of control. I'm not anti-sugar, in fact from the way I've consumed it in the past you'd likely say I'm pro-sugar. I am though, trying to cut the white stuff out of my diet.

It's difficult. I was going to have a no-sugar day today, on the premise that if I take it one day at a time as they do in recovery movement I would significantly reduce the amount of sugar I consume. Then I realised that the only breakfast food I have in the house is cereal, third ingredient sugar. Sigh.

I don't plan of completely giving up sugar, I feel that blanket-stating that you are giving up anything leads to a feeling of deprivation however I do want to make a conscious effort to decrease my consumption for health reasons. So I will start with no sugar days, one day at a time and not sweat the occasional low-sugar days that come around.

Today is Easter Sunday. There are chocolate foil-wrapped eggs hiding all over our house left by a mythical bunny last night. I ate one and it wasn't that great. That's it though, they do not call to me as they once would have and I'll leave them to little girls to devour over the next month or so.

Meanwhile it's good to know there is no sugar addiction, just my own mind telling me that I'm addicted when in reality, by retraining my subconscious it turns out I'm not. I just held the belief that I was. Now that I am shedding all of those old beliefs like a worn, shabby old coat, I'm finding that the cravings are fading as well.

Affirmation of the day: I know longer feel the need for sugary food and drink. I've discovered the sweetness of a life with the feeling of well being that comes from a healthy diet. I will be always be well. I will always feel well.


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