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Yesterday I spoke of Yoga. Shortly after I posted I came across some free Yoga podcasts. You can find them at Yogamazing. Just a short while ago I did the beginner show and it was amazing. I have just enough room here in my office to practice. What a gift.

A second gift has been presented to me. The reward of losing some weight. As I go along the journey, looking for signs that I'm finally on the right track, I see suddenly that things are a bit looser. I'm trimmer and slimmer and stronger. I don't weigh with a scale and I have been weighing my success differently this time. I've been measuring it in steps taken rather than pounds lost. I've given myself over to a process that requires complete trust. I am working by instinct, knowing that if it feels right it likely is right.

So check out Yogamazing. Or if that doesn't interest you try the Couch to 5K program or the 100 push ups challenge or the any other number of free gifts available to you on the internet if you are inspired to follow your own path towards optimal health and well being. And of course walking is always free, if the weather cooperates enjoy the gifts mother nature has for you! Please check my sidebar for links to all the free help I've discovered. And if you have suggestions for something to add to this list I'd be happy to add it as well.

I just had to return to edit the post. The gifts keep coming. If you download podcasts from Yogamazing you can then go to and download a free audiobook! I just did. The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton. I've spent a lot of time listening to him speak, interviews he has done but I never actually ever read the entire book. Now I will listen to for free. The gifts keep coming when you look for them!

Affirmation: I am grateful for all of the gifts the universe is sending me to ensure my success on my journey to optimal wellness. I trust completely that everything I need for my journey will be provided.


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