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What I am noticing lately is that I'm not noticing things as much. Something has definitely shifted in that other than deliberately noticing things to write here I'm not consumed by the idea of what I will be eating or not eating from one moment to the next.

Last night we visited family for dinner. I'm vegetarian so I filled my plate with the potatoes, salad, carrots and let me tell you that our aunt is such a great cook that there was no deprivation at all. How can anyone make carrots taste that good? After dinner of course the usual desserts came forward, pound cake(she's an incredible baker as well), biscotti, light as a feather oatmeal cookies and Ben and Jerry's Half-Baked ice cream. I sampled and drank tea and chatted without a thought about the dessert or calories or fat or portion etc. In fact I didn't think about it at all until I sat down to write this and couldn't think of anything I'd noticed yesterday.

So I've noticed that suddenly the obsession is gone and now I know what freedom feels like. Imagine you trust 100% that you will eat exactly the right amount of food and not have to give it a second thought. Can you imagine what that feels like? Many of us can't, we've been caught up for so long in the obsession over weight, diet, calories, etc. I am losing weight and gaining freedom and it feels wonderful.

Last night I did my nightly affirmations as I fell asleep. They are becoming habit now. I seem to be able to handle my emotions a little better with a calming tea instead of food and this has helped tremendously. I'm always thirsty for water and that's always nearby as well. Still positive, still trusting, still confident in this process, that's how I feel today.

Affirmation: I trust that I will gain a normal relationship with food and throw off the burden of the diet industry's lies.

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