Carolyn Chaffey

On days like today it's best to just let things slide. In fact it's nice to let things go sometimes. My oldest daughter came home with a pile of laundry, her homework for school and to pick up her computer desk that has been stored in the basement. It was completely crazy. Without boring you with details let's just say that this is the first time I've been sitting today. My husband is gone and all four daughters spent most of the afternoon working on homework and laundry. Then there was dinner and wash up and bathtime for little ones etc. Wait, I said I wouldn't bore you. Of course I could have made things easy on myself if I hadn't collected all the garbage and put it out since garbage day isn't tomorrow morning, it's the next. Yep, I'm so tired I'm an over acheiver!

I have no idea what I ate today. I don't think it was a total bust however there was no exercise particularly and nothing soul-saving, no meditation, no walk, no alone time, nothing to fill me up, and I'm feeling zapped.

Tonight I will lay in bed and listen to the hypnosis Mp3 and fall asleep exhausted. I hope tomorrow will provide a little more balance. I will be down to one child for a day and that makes things quieter around here.

So there is no affirmation today, just a reminder to take care of myself tomorrow. I have a better topic tomorrow, I'm sure inspiration will come after a good nights sleep.


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