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So I haven't been writing as much because I've been busy setting up the new template on the blog. It's been a bit of a battle and if you have Internet Explorer 7.0 you might see it looking a bit funny on your screen. It's ok on mine, looks great on earlier versions of explorer and is ok on other internet navigation programs.

I'm trying to remain optimistic that the track I"m on is the right one. I did Yoga on Monday night and she really put me through my paces. I only broke a slight sweat but I've been feeling slight indications in my shoulders and leg muscles that it's a lot more strenous than it seems while you are doing it. My goal is to learn enough to make it a practice on a daily basis although as of yet I've not done anything at home. I have a nice series of Sun Salutations I could be doing in the morning yet somehow my days don't have a nice rhythm or routine to them right now and I keep forgetting.

Space. I think it's very important to have space to do the things you need to do. We have a huge basement area that hasn't been set up for use yet. My husband is currently fixing a Futon that's down there and when my father in law comes next week I hope he makes the space into one we can use more regularly. It's not finished but it's perfect for kids. Then I'm clearing out my living room and reclaiming it for me! A place to do Yoga in the morning. Perfect!

Today the plan is to try a new recipe. It's an eggplant Lasagna with tofu and lots of veggies. I'll post pictures if it turns out well! I'm looking forward to a nice healthy dinner with a large salad however I am having great difficulty locatind decent lettuce. I cannot wait for the summer veggies to be here! Fresh produce, what a wonderful gift!

Have a wonderful, peaceful day and stay in the flow of wellness and well-being. Nourish you body, your mind and your spirit. Move gently, love life and be well.


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  1. Funny thing about the lettuce isn't it.. since it's actually a COOL weather vegetable! lol The new template is looking swish on Opera as well ;) I have severely fallen off the get healthy wagon at the moment... but I've TM'd some things to help remotivate me. Wish me luck:)