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One thing that isn't a fallacy is the fact that we should be moving more. As time goes on it is amazing how little we move in our daily lives. The work we have is stationary, the entertainment consists of a little box where images are fed to us or that other little box where our fingers and wrists are the only parts of us that get a workout.

Today I walked. I have a double walking stroller and I filled it with nearly a hundred pounds of kid-weight and walked. We toured from one end of our small town to the other and it felt good. The sun is finally shining and it appears it will for a while finally. So I am on the move!

You have to turn of the television. I am not a television person and I do believe that the messages we receive through the ads combined with how it interferes with our desire to move and the time we have available to us to move is a great deterrent to physical activity in our lives.

We do not need to run maratho, though that is possible for most of us with training, we just need to move. Get a good pair of sneakers and walk. Take your camera and your dog. Blog about it. Listen to books on tape or music on your iPod. Push those strollers.

In all of the old English novels everybody walked daily for exercise. It was routine. Make it routine again. Fancy is not required, just get out and walk at a nice pace for an hour. Make it a priority. Make it fun. Make it happen!

A pair of sneakers and a road. That is all you need. Pretend you are an English lady strolling the countryside. Who knows, maybe there is a dashing Mr. Darcy in the stylings of a Jane Austen novel out there who just laced up his walking shoes after reading the brilliance that is the weighlessandweightless blog! One can always dream!

So get out there and move it! It is easy, requires no special skills and is free! Say hey to Mr. Darcy for me!

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