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I am excited! Today the sun is shining. We've had rain for many days and I have had no physical exercise at all. I've been chomping at the bit. My main exercise is walking and I don't own a treadmill, something to be remedied next fall, however for now it's outside. I walk with my children in a double jogging stroller and I run every other day. I have started the couch to 5k program again and then the weather got nasty setting me back. I've seen lots of runners out in all sorts of nastiness but they've got great gear. Me, I don't have a good running jacket or even a hat that fits. I have a very large head! So it is my intention to invest in a treadmill next year so I don't have to start over yet again in the spring.

Today I will walk for at least an hour. It's quite a workout with the two kids, the dog and even the cat in the wagon sometimes. We're a funny sight.

I have not listened to the hypnosis download for a few days but I'm not noticing that I'm slipping back into terrible habits. My jeans feel a bit loose but that's all I have to go on and I'm trying not to obsess too much on that part of it. I have to trust that all will be as it should be. It's still frustrating not to fit my clothes yet.

I got in bed yet and tried to think of an affirmation for the night to sleep on but I couldn't come up with words. All I remember was a feeling of well being and optimism at the thought of being fit and slim and at peace with food and that feeling drifted me off to sleep. So now, today it's easy to come up with the affirmation.

I feel at peace in the knowledge that I am on my way to health, well being and fitness.

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