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In researching the non-diet methods of coming to a positive relationship with food I've come across two methods which seem to be effective in reprogramming the subconscious thoughts that lead to failure within diet. The two methods, both of which have been mentioned as valuable tools by Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book The Biology of Belief are EFT and Hypnosis. I've signed up for a newsletter to learn more about EFT but I thought I would try hypnosis first since it's a familiar methodology.

I started looking for hypnotherapists and found that they were very expensive. I've searched the Internet and I've asked friends. I hadn't made a decision on which cd to buy when someone commented on my blog here yesterday and yes, of course, she had a hypnosis blog and an etsy store where she sold her own Cd's and even better for me mp3 downloads! My iPod is my best friend so I immediately ordered a download from her.

Her voice on the mp3 is wonderfully soothing and I cannot wait to listen to it and use it the way it's meant to be used.

I've added a link to the store on my sidebar. I do not get any profit from this store I just wanted people who are on this journey to have access to as many tools as possible!

Affirmation: I will use all the tools available to continue to know that I can have a healthy and fit life and a healthy relationship with food.

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4 Responses
  1. kimmiekat Says:

    Sounds interesting. I might need to try it.

  2. Thank you for posting the link to my shop =) I hope you love the download, Kym

  3. I have been using a hypnosis CD by Glenn Harold and its focusing on healthy eating and not dieting. I have found this to work for me. Dont get me wrong, its not a quick fix, its a change in attitude towards foodx

  4. Breeze Says:

    Sara it is a slow process. I agree. No quick fixes here but it certainly helps and also my hypnosis is more about attitude, healthy eating. NO diet involved at all!

    It's very beneficial!