Carolyn Chaffey

It's not your mother's fault you're fat. Nor is it anyone else's. We've all been set up for this with the same messages from a variety of sources, we've been conditioned to believe we're going to gain weight if we do this or don't do that and we believe them. They've been sown like seeds into our subconscious mind but everything in our culture, even the things that should be helpful such as the diet industry contains a blatant missing property, personal responsibility. They've convinced us we need them to do this.

In recent years a common statement I've heard is "you can't change others, you can only work on changing yourself". I think you can inspire others to change but beyond that I believe this statement is true. And because of that then it follows that only you can make you healthy and well and fit. This is your subconscious and let's face it, the culture and environment you are in aren't going to suddenly change all the messages it's been throwing at you for the past 50 years.

The diet industry can't afford for you to lose weight, for the masses to suddenly discover how to do this by itself so it's not motivated to change.

Your family have received the same messages you have, most of us were raised by parents who were raised by parents who grew up in the great depression and the their truth was eat while you can, eat everything, don't waste food because then it was the truth that it might be your last meal.

Now this is no longer true but the messages remain although they are invalid. Today I threw out a bunch of leftovers. This goes against everything that I've ever been taught. I've eaten the same dinner three days in a row and then let the rest spoil before throwing it out, the belief that wasting food is a terrible thing is so deeply ingrained in my subconscious.

My meme of the day is "don't throw food out, it's wasteful". And I'm changing it to "I always throw food out, because it's very wasteful to put food in a body that's already well nourished". I have no guilt over throwing out food I was sick of eating. I have no guilt over anything about food anymore, those associations have to go.

I'm also taking it easy on the kids. I've already changed the way I speak about food, there is no waste as long as everybody eats until they are satisfied(not stuffed) and then we clean up. I'm hoping to give them a head start that I never got.

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3 Responses
  1. Jeninacide Says:

    I agree with you about being able to inspire others to change, but you cannot change them yourself. I am planning on going to school later this year to get my certificate in holistic nutrition, but sometimes I feel like it may be useless, because I can't change people... but perhaps I can inspire them. : )

  2. Breeze Says:

    You get that certificate. There needs to be more people out there with those kinds of skills and that information to share with people as we move out of our victim phase as a society into the "we are responsible for our own crap" phase lol.

    check out the link in my side bar, The Biology of Belief if you ever doubt what you are planning to do is useless!


  3. kimmiekat Says:

    I cannot diet to save my life. I have absolutely no will power when it comes to good food. Healthy choices, and eventually I will get out there and exercise.