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Hypnosis is a very well established form of therapy for a variety of things. As I said yesterday I downloaded an Mp3 from Hypnotransformations(store link in my sidebar) and have started using it. I have not actually listened to the entire download however. I keep falling asleep. According to the instructions that came with it that's OK because the subconscious is always listening and well, I believe that to be true.

So yesterday it was sunny. I thought I would "listen" rather than try to "practice" so I went outside and laid on my back porch swing with my iPod as my daughter played around. I'm not sure what happened but I was very relaxed. The beginning of the cd was so relaxing I assume I fell asleep. Good thing my mother in law was here to watch the kids! I woke up feeling absolutely wonderful but I have no memory of any suggestions with regard to weight loss etc. Just incredible relaxation along the lines of a guided meditation. About 20 minutes after I woke up I suddenly was overcome with an incredible thirst, a dry mouth and I drank a lot of water.

Last night I decided to try it in bed with no interruptions. I did hear some of the suggestions regarding food and lo and behold one that suggested that I would be thirsty when I finished the hypnosis. So that explainss why I was so thirsty the first time! That suggestion must have taken!

I am optimistic that this will be a great tool for me to use along this journey. I'm excited to keep doing this twice a week at least and the instructions add that you can do it more if you wish. I think I'll do more.

So, about strawberries. For years I ate strawberries. I love them. Then in my early thirties every time I ate them I got hives. It was crazy. The more I ate, the more I got. So I stopped eating them although occasionally I'd have a sample and I'd get hives again. In the past two or three years though suddenly they didn't' have any affect on me, I could eat them again. So I did and no hives. Yay! Then this spring, once again the strawberries are causing me to have hives. Last night I had strawberries with frozen yogurt for dessert and yep, bumps on my legs.

So no more strawberries although I may try some from the local U-pick to see if that might make a difference. I'm wondering if the local strawberries are different and OK for me.

If not I'll miss them. I really like strawberries.

Affirmation: I am on a good path. The signs are all around me that this is the way I should go. I will continue positively on this journey to wellness and well being.

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  1. I am so glad you're having a good experience with the download! I'm always incredibly thirsty after I listen too =)