Carolyn Chaffey

Stuffed! I bet that's how most of us ended yesterday. I did and then spent the better part of the evening wondering why? Why did I, after all my affirmations and and promises to myself not to, do this yet again?

One thing I concluded was that the reason I overate my dinner was that it snuck up on me, suddenly I was stuffed! Then I continued to eat because I've been programmed to clean my plate and I justified it with the idea that because I only had vegetables, steamed and cooked fresh that it was ok. Then because it was Easter I had the special treats, a chocolate egg, two glasses of wine, the usual.

After much deliberation I realised something. This is normal behaviour. It's not something that should be done regularly but occasionally, on special occasions, even the skinny overeat. Why should the large not get to partake of the same amounts of food and wine simply because they metabolize it differently? Why should I feel guilty?

So I decided not to. There are times to celebrate with wine and food and let go of the guilt associations served unfairly to us by the diet industry and a society of people who think this is our fault, that we're this way because we've failed when it's the diet industry, the fashion industry and a fat-phobic society that have led us to his unhealthy obsession with food and the subsequent consequences of it.

So today, a low-sugar day for me, so that I can strike a balance between enjoying the food I eat and watching the nutrition I consume so as to attain optimum health
and wellness, I will let go of yesterday, take the lesson learned and add it to my arsenol of weapons against the programming of my subconscious!

Affirmation: I have a healthy attitude towards food, knowing that occasional indulgences are normal and I am able to strike a balance as I am guided towards a healthy relationship with food.

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